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Tire Change bought here                    On Bike           50.00

                                                                Off Bike           35.00

Tire Change bought elsewhere         On Bike            65.00

                                                                Off Bike           45.00

   Lets face it. We all want our bikes to be the most badass, fastest, head turning, and impressive bike on the street. Who doesn't want to have the best bragging rights? However, sometimes money is a bit tight. That's another one of many places that we are best suited to help you with all of those things. 

     Klemme Performance Motorcycles specializes in vintage Kawasaki and Suzuki Street bikes, and High Horsepower Drag Bikes, as well as Dwarf Car racing. KPM is Nationally known throughout the Sportsman Motorcycle community for our engine building and tuning. We are your one stop shop for everything you'll need to turn your bike into a High Performance machine. We carry everything you need to go from Slow to Pro and help make win lights a common part of your racing program..

     If you're going to have someone do all of your engine and motorcycle work, wouldn't you want someone who knows what it takes to win to do it? Tom Klemme has won Three World Championships, Three National Championships, and hundreds of others! His extensive knowledge of motorcycle mechanics, and Drag Racing make KPM a natural choice. Our quality work, knowledge, and great prices on parts, insures that you will not only leave happy, but have everything that you'll need to stay competitive on and off the track!

Give KPM a call today and let us help you get your bike running it's absolute best.




Check out our 'Parts' page to browse some of our catalogs and you'll see just a fraction of the tens of thousands of Parts, Gear, and Accessories that KPM has to offer.